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November 24, 2017
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Coffee & Thyme by lucyslittleatlas


We’ve done the (not so) hard work for you and found the best Gili Air coffee hotspots. It can be tricky to find decent coffee while you’re traveling, and sachet-coffee often just doesn’t hit the spot. Whether you need to get a caffeine fix, fancy finding a little reading nook or need to power through some work, these are the island’s best coffee spots…


Coffee and Thyme

Given that this place has ‘coffee’ in the title, it’s not surprising that this is one of the best places to head for a cuppa. They offer the usual range – Americano, Latte, Cappuccino – as well as iced versions and flavored options. I love their signature Thyme Latte – thick, thyme syrup mixed with rich espresso and your choice of cow’s milk or soya milk. You can also go for their (matcha) Green Tea Latte, which is delicious over ice.


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They own a proper coffee machine, and a tasty cake cabinet alongside it. Choose from vegan banana bread, carrot cake and many more delicious treats. The café is filled with comfortable indoor seats with plug sockets for the digital nomads, and bean bags to collapse into in their beach-facing garden area.. Expect decent WiFi here, and take in the hustle and bustle of the harbour. These amenities make this spot the best of its kind (unofficial) Gili Air internet café. Gili Air’s Coffee and Thyme is always busy for a reason!



Captain Coconuts

If you fancy getting your caffeine fix while lounging by a pool, head here. This place might not be on the beach, but it’s in the middle of a quiet part of the island, lined with towering palm trees. The coffee here is lovely, and you can choose from cow’s milk, coconut milk and cashew milk. It’s so refreshing to have so many options, especially on such a quaint island! They also offer a turmeric latte, free from caffeine but packed with natural energy boosters and great for your health.


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The pool here is impressive and has plenty of comfy seating surrounding it. There’s an indoor area with cosy sofas (and fans!) or bench tables that are at a perfect height to the table if you’re taking your laptop. The WiFi is speedy, too. Check out their food menu while you’re here – tasty vegan and veggie options, as well as a huge range of fresh juices and smoothies. This little pool-side haven is home to some of the best coffee in Gili Air. My latest obsession? Iced cashew milk lattes.



Mowies on The Beach is a bit of an institution on the island, and it’s not hard to see why. With clear sand dotted with comfy beanbags and a great view of sunset, this restaurant has a lot going for it. The coffee here only adds to the allure of the place, and there’s an option of almond milk, too, which is a rarity on the island. This is by far the best beach-front Gili Air cafe.



You’ll find reliable WiFi here and a range of seating options if you fancy taking your laptop along. There’s only one plug socket, so you’ll have the perfect excuse to relax and enjoy the view if you run out of battery. Head here early for sunset, as it gets very busy! It’s a great place to visit late morning, too, as you can sample their delicious (and healthy) brekkie options. Expect Aussie-inspired goodness, with gluten-free and vegan additions to their extensive menu. The kombucha here is also delicious!





This bakery is a great place to head for a decent cup of coffee. And a crêpe. And maybe a pastry to take-away! The chef here is French, so you can finally satisfy your cravings for ‘real’ bread, pain au chocolat and desserts that are the real-deal. Traveling is fantastic, and trying local food is all part of the fun, but sometimes you just really need something covered in Nutella, whipped cream and sugar! They don’t have lactose-free milks, but this is some of the best coffee in Gili Air, so you don’t really need to add anything to it.



Sit outside underneath the trellis draped in flowers, or relax indoors. There are several plug sockets around the indoor eating area, and sturdy tables if you have work to do. It’s located close to the harbour and looks like a mammoth, snack-filled greenhouse – an absolute dream! The staff here are super friendly, they have a DIY sandwich bar and everything tastes like home. Breadelicious is perfect for stocking up on treats and home comforts.


Good Earth Cafe @ H2O Yoga

This is one of the most chilled spots on the whole island, and it’s easy to see why. Good Earth Cafe is tucked in the oasis of calm that is H2O Yoga. Located towards the north of the island, this is the place to head to if you are yearning for down-time and a chance to refuel. Try the iced coconut coffee, it’s incredible! This place is quaint and quiet, which can make a nice change to the other cafes on the island that are filled with the noise of music and large crowds.


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Their menu is packed with healthy goodness, ranging from veggie curries to vegan hummus wraps. If you fancy something sweet, give their gluten-free banana bread a try. One of the many perks here is that their pool is available for customers. They have reliable WiFi if you feel the urge to work or check on your social media and there are sunbeds dotted around if you feel called to simply chill out. Head here in the late afternoon and tag along to their 5pm yoga class to unwind fully. If you’re after a space to escape it all, this is the Gili Air cafe for you.


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