Gili Doctors and Emergency Clinics

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Gili Doctors and Emergency Clinics

It’s always a good idea to get clued up on the emergency procedures of any country that you are visiting. Sometimes the only thing worse than an unpredictable and/or unavoidable emergency happening, is having no idea what to do when it does happen.

One of the desirable characteristics of the Gili Islands is that they are a secluded, back to basics life style. As wonderful as this is most of the time, it can also be stressful when you’re in need of some medical attention.



There are NO hospitals in the Gili Islands. There are only small, medical clinics. However, that does not mean that you aren’t able to get help if you need it. The closest hospital to the Islands is in Mataram City on mainland Lombok Island. Unfortunately, the reality of not having a hospital on the Islands is that getting to a hospital may take quite some time. A boat transfer would be required to get to Lombok and then from there although best to take an ambulance to the hospital, a lot of the time an ambulance might not be available. In this situation don’t waste any more time than you need to and take an alternative such as a taxi, police vehicle or private car.

harapan keluarga

The closest emergency hospital is:


Rumah Sakit Harapan Keluarga

Jl. Ahmad Yani No.9, Kec

Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83237


+ 62 (0) 370 6177000



There are a number of small medical clinics around all three of the Gili Islands. These are all normally operating 24hours a day and are very accustomed to dealing with everyday medical issues such as sickness bugs, severe sunburn, heatstroke, cuts and abbrasions etc. This is the best place to bring someone in the event of an emergency, or until further transport plans to a hospital can been arranged.

The medical clinics charge for all medicines and treatments and annoyingly there is no fixed prices. Therefore, if you have a local Indonesian friend on the Island it can be very helpful to ask them to come with you, just to ensure that the price you are charged isn’t extortionate. If you don’t have this option then you can also barter the prices, please remember though that your health is the most important thing so don’t go without any necessary medicine over the sake of a few dollars.


Top tip: You can also purchase forms of contraception and emergency contraception from these clinics.


The Main Clinics

There are a number of clinics on each island. One medical group on the Islands is Blue Island Medical Clinic. They have an operating clinic on each Island with trained staff to care for and offer the best possible help to you, when in an emergency. They can also help with boat and air transport if needed in an emergency.

main clinic

Blue Island Medical Clinic details below:


Gili Trawangan – Blue Island Medical Centre

Clinic is located at Villa Ombak Hotel

Contact: +62-81- 999-705-701


Gili Air – Blue Island Medical Centre

Clinic is located close to the harbour

Contact: +62-81- 999-705-703


Gili Meno – Blue Island Medical Centre

 Clinic is located at harbor front and close to hotels

Contact: +62-81- 999-705-702



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