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August 26, 2017
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September 6, 2017
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Which Island Should I Visit?

Choosing the right Island for your holiday


Gili Trawangan, Gili Air & Gili Meno make up the renowned paradise island trio situated off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia. In the Sasak language, “Gili” means small island, which perfectly explains these little tropical gems.

Gili Trawangan – A Bustling Paradise

Gili Trawangan is certainly the largest and most frequently visited island of the three Gili’s. It is an energetic hub offering plenty of activities and a great nightlife. Some have referred to Gili Trawangan as the new Ibiza, on a much smaller scale of course.

Many of the bars and restaurants can be found on the side of the main beach area although the island also has several tranquil hideaways if you want to break away from the hustle and bustle.

The main beach is where you find the majority of activity, but for those after a more tranquil experience the north of the island offers a more relaxed, resort style atmosphere with breathtaking sunsets.

Gili T offers something for everyone, but if it’s a party that you’re after…look no further.


Gili Meno – Honeymoon Island

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Gili Meno is the smallest, calmest and of the three Gili’s.

If you are looking for a truly relaxing holiday this should be your destination of choice. Even though you can still engage in a variety of activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, you can expect to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

Gili Meno is the only Island with a salt lake, surrounded by a mangrove forest. You can find over 30 different species of bird in the mangroves.

Let’s face it, Gili Meno is the closest you’re going to get to a ‘Robinson Crusoe experience’. They call it honeymoon island for a reason, it has the least amount of development of the 3 islands and there are no parties here.

Gili Meno is a great choice for honeymooners and couples looking to break away from reality. Choose this Island if you want a quiet retreat-like getaway.


Gili Air – The Perfect Mix

Gili Air is the perfect combination of the other 2 Islands. It has the party vibe of Gili Trawangan and the laid back lifestyle of Gili Meno.

With a large local presence, it offers slightly more activities, restaurants and bars than Gili Meno but is not quite as busy as the popular Gili Trawangan.

Gili Air has a charming ‘chilled out’ vibe by day that is popular amongst families and couples. At night time the island offers camp fires and beach front dining with a variety of entertainment such as live music, fire dancing and beach parties.

If you have time you should visit all 3 Islands, they are all very unique from one another and between the 3 of them, you are sure to find your own version of paradise.


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