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The best time of year to go to the Gili Islands is NOW!
September 16, 2017
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Gili Islands Party Safety
September 20, 2017
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Written by @Saschaflower

Gili Trawangan is a tropical paradise island that offers a great balance of relaxation and party culture. Beers on the beach, sunset cocktails, boat parties and live bands. The night life on this little slice of heaven is definitely part of its appeal. Away from the clubs of Kuta Bali, Gili is a breath of fresh air with open bars, a happy crowd and enough variety to suit whatever you are in the mood for.

The bars take it in turns to host their own big party night on the main strip of the island. The parties start around 9pm and the music doesn’t stop until 3am. Thursday is the only day of the week with no official party.





blue marlin

The wonderful thing about island life is that Monday isn’t as depressing as it is everywhere else in the world. In fact, every day can feel like a Friday if you want it to. Monday nights are an island favourite and you can guarantee Blue Marlin Party will always be packed. Blue Marlin is a professional Dive shop during the day but they transform into the most epic party place during the night.



jiggy bar

There is something distinctively cool about Jiggy Bar. They have turned Tuesday Nights into the greatest mix of Hip Hop and Pop mash ups.

Starting off with beer pong matches and ending with the sweetest tunes from some of the best dj’s on the island. Jiggy Bar knows how to throw an awesome party night!




party night

Other than the fact that the Irish bar is Gili T’s first and biggest bar, they were actually the inventors of everyone’s favourite shot in Gili; The Vodka Joss. Parties here get crazy big and wild. They have a different event almost every night of the week but their official Party night is Wednesday. Everyone has the best time here, be sure not to miss it!






If you’ve got that Friday feeling, New Rudys Friday party will keep you going with a live band and DJs going until 3am. You may feel at times like you are actually at a music festival as the band gets everyone going and keeps it that way right until the party finishes! Go hard or go home.






party nights

Sama Sama Reggae Bar is loved by all. Live band with a chilled reggae vibe to kick off the night then turning into an upbeat party around 1am when the DJ comes on! The place is filled with dreadlock rastas, good vibes and music – you literally can’t get more chill than that.






party guide

Starting out with live music and a little game of beer pong while you wait for the dance floor to get busy. Late at night this place becomes lit with awesome tunes and drinks on constant flow. Sometimes the people spill out on to the road and it becomes a full on street party.

Everyone loves to let loose and have a good time in Gili Trawagan. All of these parties are good fun so why not try each and every one of them? Be sure to stay safe and responsible whilst partying and look out for your friends.




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  1. marty says:

    we stayed on Gili Meno the most beautiful and unspoilt of all the 3 islands. although be mindful of where you book ask if rooms are soundproofed because the parties at gili Trawangan go until.3am and the base thumps across the water keeping the whole island awake. The government really should take action and do something about this and make these venues close in their party and face speakers inwards so that the people who come to relax and rejuvenate for a true holiday can do so without the selfish noise of the all night parties.

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