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January 7, 2018
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If you’re living in Indonesia or Australia, you will have heard all about Mount Agung, a volcano in East Bali and her threat of eruption that began in late September last year.

With the continuing volcanic activity and the possibility of a large eruption, tens of thousands of people are still living in evacuation centers, unable to return to their homes located in villages in the ‘danger zone’, a 10 km radius from the mountain’s crater.

Here’s the thing guys; most of these people have had to leave their pets behind. BAWA (Bali Association for Animal Welfare); an incredible Organization that does some amazing work in taking care of all of the beautiful animals here in Bali; report that there are hundreds of dogs and cats abandoned in empty villages on the slopes of the volcano; some dogs still chained, without access to food or water.

Since the initial emergency, BAWA’s teams have worked tirelessly to rescue animals from the danger zone area. They immediately set up an emergency shelter in a safe area and within days they were overwhelmed with too many animals and not enough space.  Evacuees have been bringing BAWA the animals that they cannot take with them to the evacuation centers and so they quickly did what they could and opened more shelters, allowing them to bring in more animals that cannot possibly survive alone on the mountain; including the vulnerable, pregnant dogs, nursing mothers and puppies.

I spoke with one of my friends at the BAWA team and they are doing all they can to keep all of these animals safe, healthy and out of immediate danger but they need our help. BAWA relies heavily on donations and volunteers and this work is chewing up all of their resources as you can imagine.

They are feeding animals twice a day, vaccinating them and providing emergency veterinary care.

BAWA teams are providing food and clean fresh water to over 500 abandoned dogs every day and treating all of the animals in need of veterinary help. Some of these villages are affected by volcanic ash and Sulphur gas and as the volcano continues to stir, the risk to the health and safety for these animals may be imminent and


#Credit Photo :

If you are an animal lover like me, I can guess that this news causes a fire in your belly and makes your heart ache. Whilst we’ve all been celebrating Christmas and New Year with our loved ones during this season of giving, the team at BAWA have been working determinedly and vigorously to save the beautiful forgotten animals of Indonesia.

They need our help! Funds are not easy to come by and they desperately need more donations to keep these animals nourished, hydrated, safe and well.

A major eruption is still possible so BAWA is in a race against time to move more Bali animals off the mountain and away from the danger.

# Credit image : Bawa ( Bali Animal Welfare Association)

I know that you desperately want these animals to be ok too.

If we come together we can make a massive impact for our fellow furry friends. They’re relying on us.


Here’s how you can help TODAY:

Donate directly to BAWA online at:

For all general enquiries please email

If you are a local/ tourist in the area or planning a trip to Bali soon, there are a few simple things you can do that will make a massive impact.

  1. BAWA are in urgent need of new or used towels and wet pet food for dogs and cats (tinned food). If you can drop some in to one of their two shops in Bali, it would be so greatly appreciated!
    BAWA Shop Ubud
    Jl. Ubud Raya 10
    BAWA Shop Sanur
    Jl. D. Tamblingan 4
  1. BAWA also require volunteers for the area to help walk dogs, feed, clean their shelters and assist with other general husbandry tasks.

Volunteers for the volcano region must be able to provide proof of having undergone a full course of rabies pre-vaccinations within the last 5 years. If you are not fully vaccinated and wish to volunteer you can still do so in Ubud, away from the danger zone area.

For anyone living in Bali or holidaying for 2 weeks or more- BAWA are in urgent need of foster carers. If you can help, please email directly

# Credit image : Bawa ( Bali Animal Welfare Association)

Together we can move mountains guys!

Let’s join together and all do what we can for our furry friends. We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend and that if the shoe were on the other foot, they’d lend a paw for us!

Thank you all for your support and a massive thank you to BAWA for their awesome work.


# Credit Cover image : Bawa ( Bali Animal Welfare Association)

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